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Ditch Sodas For Good by Swapping with Cascade Ice Sparkling Water

by Cascade Ice on October 2, 2020

Are you a self-described soda addict? Or perhaps you have a daily soda (or two) and don’t really know exactly what you’re consuming. We get it – that rush of sugar and caffeine can really help push you through a day where you feel like you’re dragging. But studies have shown that the long-term effects of soda consumption can lead to things like heart disease, diabetes and obesity. 

Many Cascade Ice fans have made the leap and nixed soda from their diet with the help of our sparkling waters. We have several different product lines with many different flavors to choose from, with zero sugar or calories. Twist the cap or pop the can open to reveal fizzy, fruity flavor that will never leave you bored. We promise you won’t miss soda one bit!

Want more proof that it’s time to kick sodas to the curb? Check out our scorecard compared to an average soda:

Typical soda

240 calories

75 mg of sodium

65 grams of sugar

57 mg of caffeine


Cascade Ice USDA Organic Sparkling Water

0 calories

0 sodium

0 sugar

0 caffeine

Still want the caffeine? Our Cascade Ice Organic Caffeinated line is for you! Clean caffeine with crisp flavor, and just the right amount of caffeine to keep you going. 

Have you kicked your soda habit using Cascade Ice as an alternative? Tell us in the comments below, or share a photo! Remember to “like” and “follow” us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Need a Healthier Swap for Your Daily Soda Habit? Try Cascade Ice!

by Cascade Ice on May 15, 2020

Are you the type that reaches for soda every day at 2pm when you hit the infamous “afternoon slump”? Do you swap coffee with soda in the mornings? Unfortunately, it’s a habit with potential serious health consequences, with studies showing that soda can contribute to type 2 diabetes and heart disease

Cascade Ice has several different product lines with something to fit everyone’s tastes – from caffeinated, to organic – not to mention zero calories, sugar, sodium or gluten. It’s the perfect replacement for soda cravings! 

If you typically reach for soda to get an energy boost, our Cascade Ice Caffeinated Sparkling Waters are a perfect alternative. We’ve combined sparkling water and organic caffeine to create a source of energy that tastes refreshing, bubbly and flavorful!

If you’re interested in increasing your daily water intake with fun, exciting flavor combinations and simple, organic ingredients, reach for our Cascade Ice USDA Organic Sparkling Waters. It comes in many different flavors like black raspberry, cucumber and orange mango. With just two ingredients – carbonated water and natural organic flavor – you can sip confidently knowing you’re making a better choice for your health!What’s your go-to soda alternative? Tell us in the comments below, or share a photo! Remember to “like” and “follow” us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Healthy Organic Ginger Lime Margaritas made with Cascade Ice Water

by Cascade Ice on May 1, 2020

Margaritas just scream sunshine and warm weather. There is something about the flavor combinations that make you feel as if you’re on vacation on a beach somewhere. As temperatures heat up across the country, many of us will be looking for a cool beverage to enjoy! This recipe is a different twist on the classic, using Cascade Ice USDA Organic Sparkling Water in our Ginger Lime flavor for a quick, easy and low-calorie way to kick back and enjoy the warmer temperatures. Check out our simple, yet healthy recipe below and remember to share photos!

2 oz. tequila

1 oz. orange liqueur or St Germain

1 oz. lime juice

½ oz. ginger juice 

5 oz. Cascade Ice USDA Organic Sparkling Water in Ginger Lime

Fill a cocktail shaker with ice and combine all the ingredients except for the Cascade Ice, and shake vigorously. Strain the contents into a large glass filled with more ice, top with Cascade Ice, and garnish with a lime wedge or jalapeno for extra spice. Enjoy!

What is your favorite kind of margarita? Tell us in the comments below! Remember to “like” and “follow” us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Celebrate the Luck of the Irish with Cascade Ice Tropical Shamrock Punch!

by Cascade Ice on March 18, 2020

What if you could find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow this St. Patrick’s Day while gathering with friends to welcome Spring? You can! And we have just the drink recipe for you, which you can even make without alcohol, if you desire. Make this green sparkling punch recipe your signature cocktail for a party with a tasty combination of zero-calorie Cascade Ice Water, pineapple vodka and strawberry liqueur!

If you’re not Irish, don’t let that stop you from celebrating – you can host an Irish themed cocktail party and serve this green punch as your signature drink (and even remind guests that it’s a low-sugar and low-calorie cocktail!)

Last but not least, make sure to jazz up the presentation of this punch to the next level when serving your guests. Pour punch into glasses and place them on a gold tray and surround them with gold coins (found at any dollar store). You could even make a “rainbow” out of colorful ribbons and make it a backdrop for your serving table. 


Cascade Ice Tropical Shamrock Punch

4 oz Strawberry flavored liqueur 

4 oz Pineapple flavored vodka

4 bottles of Cascade Ice Water in Kiwi Strawberry  

Green food coloring (if desired, for a darker green punch)

1 cup of ice

*To make without alcohol, simply swap the strawberry liqueur with crushed fresh strawberries, and switch the vodka for pineapple juice.

Combine all ingredients in a punch bowl of your choice, and make sure each element is cold when ready to serve. Add extra ice if desired. Mix, and serve into cocktail glasses with a fun garnish, such as gold edible sprinkles or a faux shamrock. Enjoy!

What’s your go-to drink for St. Patrick’s Day? Will you be trying out this recipe? Tell us in the comments below, or share a photo! Remember to “like” and “follow” us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.