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What Flavor Does to Your Brain

by Cascade Ice on December 19, 2019

When was the last time you tried to eat your favorite food, but your nose was stuffed up and you couldn’t enjoy all of the flavors? Believe it or not, your nose has a bigger role in your ability to taste different flavors than your tongue. This unique human ability to experience countless different flavors is called “neurogastronomy.” 

So what exactly happens in our brain when we taste different flavors? According to Dr. Gordon M. Shepherd, the experience of flavor engages the brain more than any other human behavior. He explains that the scent we smell while eating provides as much of the flavor we taste as the act of chewing and sipping provides. 

Experiencing different flavors that we deem tasty can also trigger the release of dopamine, causing feelings of happiness. Reward-driven behavior is greatly impacted by the amount of dopamine released in the brain. So, if you’re trying to drink more water, for example, adding a flavor you like to it is a great way to encourage yourself. Cascade Ice Sparkling Water offers more flavor combinations than any other zero calorie flavored sparkling water. If you have trouble meeting your suggested daily water intake, try flavored water to give your taste buds a kick!

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3 Simple Tips to Help You Drink More Water Everyday

by Cascade Ice on November 4, 2019

We all know that we should be getting adequate hydration each day. After all, it helps with everything from digestion to regulating your mood and brain function. But sometimes our busy lives prevent us from keeping up with healthy habits. Here are some easy hacks to help you stay hydrated 24/7:

Sync hydration patterns to your daily routine

If you’re like most people, you have trouble remembering to drink enough water throughout the day. Any easy way to fix that is to develop a habit of drinking when you go from one activity to the next. For example, before you leave your car to go into the office each morning, finish your water bottle. Or, don’t leave for lunch without taking some sips at your desk. After a while, you won’t even think about it!

Sip, don’t chug

Gulping down a big bottle of water in one sitting definitely helps you meet your daily hydration goals faster, but it may cause bloat and upset stomach. Instead, take small sips all day long – it may actually help you absorb the water better and keep you from that “sloshy stomach” feeling.

Make it fun!

Let’s face it, water can get boring. So liven it up a bit by adding lemon, lime or cucumber slices, or even orange wedges. Muddling the fruit brings out the flavor even more. Flavored sparkling water like Cascade Ice is also a great option for changing things up by adding a bubbly kick of flavor to your daily water intake. There are several different product lines and flavors, so check out our website for more information.

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Things You May Not Know About the Importance of Staying Hydrated

by Cascade Ice on February 18, 2019

It’s common knowledge that a key part of living a healthy lifestyle is to drink plenty of water, and Cascade Ice is a great way to liven up your daily water intake. But did you know that there are some lesser-known benefits to drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day?

Regulating body temperature
Staying properly hydrated is an essential function in maintaining a body temperature within normal range. Because your body loses water during physical activities (and during the summer months), and sweat keeps your body cool, it’s crucial to replenish the water you lose so that you don’t overheat and become dehydrated.

Helping absorb important nutrients
Water is food’s biggest helper when breaking things down in the digestive system, but water’s lesser-known benefit in the body is how it facilitates the absorption of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients from your food. Once it helps the nutrients absorb, it delivers these vitamin components to the rest of your body for use.

Boosting your energy levels
Did you know that water can have a positive impact on your metabolism? One study found that drinking 500 milliliters of water boosted the metabolic rate of participants by 30 percent. A boost in metabolism has been associated with a direct impact on energy levels.

Improving your mood
If you’re not getting your daily recommended intake of water, it can negatively impact your mood. Dehydration can sometimes result in fatigue and confusion as well as anxiety. So, if more water = better mood … all the more reason to drink up! Cheers!