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5 Simple Rituals to Help you Stay on Track during the Holiday Season

by Cascade Ice on November 22, 2022

If the holiday season went exactly like the Christmas carols we sing every year, the season would be like a scene from “It’s a Wonderful Life” – filled with happy, peaceful people soaking up every minute. But we’re human beings (not robots), so the holiday season often comes with stress and the pressure to do it all, and get it all done. If we don’t practice healthy rituals each day, we risk burning out and feeling overwhelmed, which can wreak havoc on both our mental and physical health. Here are some tips we’ve assembled to help you stay healthy through the new year that are easy to remember and adopt. 

Get rid of the “I can’t have that” mentality

With the holidays comes delicious and sometimes unhealthy food and drinks. Of course, some foods have more nutritional value than others, but partaking in some of the most wonderful foods of the holiday season will not derail your entire lifestyle. Just make sure you keep it in balance. Permit yourself to have some indulgent foods and stop when you’re satisfied. Keep the balance by making healthy choices using the 80/20 rule – 80 percent of the time, choose good-for-you options, and 20 percent of the time, choose things you simply want to eat. This will lead to fewer binges and subsequent guilt.

Move your body

It’s colder and darker outside, which instinctually causes us to want to stay indoors. Instead of seeing exercise as checking a chore off your to-do list, simply prioritize movement during the holiday season. It can be walking the dog around the neighborhood, taking a hot yoga class, or taking an online workout or stretching class. If you’re getting some type of movement done each day, don’t beat yourself up about toning down your regular workout routine in favor of activities that fit easily within your busy holiday schedule. Meditation is also a great tool to help calm the mind and body if you feel like stress is taking hold!

Prioritize yourself

The holiday season doesn’t have to look like what people expect it to be – busy, rushed, and crowded. While you can honor family traditions, you can also make yourself a priority by devoting time to be alone. Whether that’s taking a bath before bed, or saying “No” to a social commitment, you’ll be impressed by how this simple ritual of prioritizing your time will save you from the type of stress that has you wishing the holiday season will hurry up and end!

Cut back on booze

For many people during the holiday season, alcohol can quickly become a way to manage stress, which can lead to long-term unhealthy habits throughout the year. If you are consuming alcohol this holiday season, be mindful of your consumption and practice moderation by having just 1 or 2 drinks. Always plan ahead if you’re attending a social function to make sure you don’t overconsume, and if you’re hosting a party, make sure to offer some alcohol-free options to guests – we have so many great low-calorie, low-sugar mocktail options using Cascade Ice Sparkling Water so you don’t have to feel left out and you can still stay on track with your goals.

Focus on your sleep habits

Stress and sleep are intertwined. Too little (or interrupted) sleep often leads to feelings of stress, and alternatively, stress can impede quality sleep. So, what can you do? Try not to fall into the trap of staying up too late and make a habit of cutting off electronics and starting bedtime rituals about an hour before you go to sleep. Consider journaling to keep track of your worries, which will help keep your mind from racing when you should be snoozing. There are lots of apps and settings on our smartphones that can help you block out the noise of social commitments and social media, so take advantage of them during the crazy holiday season and watch your sleep (and mood) improve!

How do you stay healthy and on track during the busy, stressful holiday season? Tell us in the comments below or share a photo! Remember to “like” and “follow” us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

8 Ways to Practice Self Care this Fall

by Cascade Ice on October 21, 2022

As we enter into season with the shortest and darkest days, many people start to neglect themselves more than they would during the long, sunny summer months. Which makes it so important to practice self-care. While it’s always an ongoing process, the following tips can help you work toward being a more calm, resilient, and happier person overall. These “me time” rituals are backed by science and can give you a great roadmap to follow when times get tough. 


Meditating doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated. In fact, it shouldn’t be at all! As little as 5 minutes of practicing mindfulness each day will help your concentration, patience, and give you inner calm. Just grab a spot in a quiet room and try one of the many guided meditations available wherever you listen to podcasts.


When life gets stressful, one of the biggest things we tend to unknowingly neglect is our breathing. As infants, it was second nature for us to take deep breaths from the abdomen, but as we get older, breathing becomes shallower. This makes it even more important to practice deep breathing. This can be done anytime, anywhere, and studies have shown that it can give you instant clarity and stress relief. Start by breathing in your nose for 4 seconds, holding for 2 seconds, and slowly exhaling through your mouth for 7 seconds. Do this 8 times.


The next time you feel frazzled, or your mind is racing, step outside for a walk. Self-reported well-being among those who walk is higher than those who don’t. If you can’t get outside, practice yoga or a simple stretching routine indoors. Simply getting your blood flowing is the goal, and if you can do it daily for 30 minutes, you’ll feel less stressed and more focused. 


Let’s face it, it’s scientifically proven that if your body is well-hydrated, it simply works better. All your organs function better, including your brain! So, drink your water and have it near you at all times, focusing on taking small sips throughout the day (instead of chugging large amounts). If regular water bores you, try our Cascade Ice USDA Organic Sparkling Water for some flavor!


They aren’t just for babies! If your body is telling you that it needs sleep – listen! Allow yourself to take a breather mid-day, even if it’s just a short, 20-minute power nap. You’ll be surprised at how well it charges your batteries – both physically and mentally. 

Digital Detox

These days, our phones are jeopardizing our time and energy. While there certainly can be benefits, it’s essential to tune out for a bit and give yourself some boundaries. Studies have even linked social media use and depression. Stepping away for a few days can help improve personal connections (pick up the phone and call a friend!), and help you feel better about yourself overall. 


Our interpersonal relationships with family and friends can quite literally save us from depression and anxiety. Therefore, allotting time with those you love is an essential part of any self-care routine. Plus, it gives us something to look forward to, which is another proven way to improve stress relief and stave off depression. 


Protecting your peace of mind, energy and time is an essential part of self-care. Creating boundaries like saying no, establishing contact rules with coworkers, and stepping away from social media can help you heal and recharge your mind. Make yourself a priority! 

How do you practice self-care? Tell us in the comments below or share a photo! Remember to “like” and “follow” us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

4 Ways to Easily Read Food Labels for Healthier Living

by Cascade Ice on July 7, 2022

Nutrition is a crucial element to living a healthy life, but to this day, there is so much misinformation still out there – is coffee good or bad for you? What about chocolate? Red meat? Instead of relying on what different internet articles claim, reading product labels is a great habit to get into if you want to keep track of what you’re fueling your body with each day. 

But how can you do it if you don’t have much time and you’re not sure what to look for? Below, we’ve rounded up 5 simple ways you can get started on this healthy habit of nutrition label reading. 

Check the serving size

The most important element to get started in reading product labels is determining the serving size. Check at the top of the label to see how many servings the package of food contains. Sometimes, we inadvertently read the nutrition numbers on the rest of the label thinking that they don’t sound all that bad – however, the serving size may be quite small, and you need to multiply those numbers by 2 to get a more realistic view of what you’re consuming. For example, an average 20-ounce bottle of soda typically contains 2.5 servings, at 110 calories each. But usually, you wouldn’t drink just one serving – so make sure you’re paying attention to that because things like sugar, calories and sodium can really add up quickly.

Make sure you take into account calories from fat

While this part takes a little bit of math, it’s crucial in limiting fats in your diet. To find out the calories in your food derived from fat, simply divide the number of calories from fat by the total calories. For example, if the serving is 150 calories and 50 are from fat, the food is 33% of calories from fat. Marketing gimmicks – like “99% fat free” – on packaged foods can be very misleading, since they’re based on percent of weight, not calories. This quick math will help you decide whether to limit or avoid a product altogether that may have too much daily fat allowance.

Determine your daily allowances

The percent Daily Value (% DV) tells you how many nutrients in a serving of food or drink contributes to a 2,000/calorie a day diet. While the average person needs 2,000 calories a day, we’re all different and may need more or less depending on their lifestyle and activity. For example, if you’re eating fewer calories per day and eat only one serving, your % daily value will be higher than what’s on the product label. 

Most Americans exceed the daily limits for saturated sodium, fat and added sugar. To limit this, make sure to choose foods to get less than 100% DV of these, and account for how many calories are in your daily diet. Also, make sure to eat food rich in fiber, calcium, potassium, and vitamin D to help ward off cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Organic certifications

While it’s not realistic to eat organic 100% of the time, it’s good to try and seek out organic products when given the option. When looking for organic products, make sure it’s not a product that simply states “Organic” in the title of the product or “made with organic ingredients”, but instead is marked with the official USDA organic certified logo. These products follow strict production, handling and labeling standards and go through the organic certification process. Did you know that our entire Cascade Ice USDA Organic Sparkling Waters are USDA Organic certified? Check out more here.  

Are you new to label reading or are you a pro? Tell us in the comments below or share a photo! Remember to “like” and “follow” us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Cool off with this Low-Calorie Berry Skinny Mojito

by Cascade Ice on May 26, 2022

We’ve delivered so many ideas over the years for refreshing cocktails that are low in sugar and calories, so you can stay on track with a healthy lifestyle while enjoying a nice happy hour cocktail. But this type of skinny mojito is a new one we’re adding to our favorites list!

A mojito is a classic favorite when it comes to “go-to cocktails”, but did you know that they typically contain over 200 calories and 25 grams of sugar? Who wants to drink their calories anyway? This upgraded version is a much healthier choice with less than 100 calories and only 1 gram of sugar. So, you can save those calories for delicious food!

Our low-calorie berry cucumber skinny mojito is made with fresh lime juice, white rum, mint leaves and Cascade Ice USDA Organic Sparkling Water. It’s light and refreshing, low in calories and has no added sugar!

Low-Calorie Berry Skinny Mojito


Juice from 1 lime

Small bushel of fresh mint leaves

2 oz. White rum

Cascade Ice USDA Organic Sparkling Water in Lemon Lime

½ cup of fresh blackberries


Add the fresh mint leaves, freshly squeezed lime juice and blackberries to a glass and muddle them together. Add rum (or omit if you want a mocktail) and fill to the top with ice, topping it with Cascade Ice, stirring slowly to combine. Garnish with fresh mint – enjoy!

What’s your favorite cocktail to enjoy during this time of year? Tell us in the comments below or share a photo! Remember to “like” and “follow” us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.