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5 Ultimate Summer Hydration Hacks

by Cascade Ice on June 19, 2023

Staying healthy all year may require a different focus during the various seasons, and Summertime is no different. Did you know that during the summer months and in hotter climates you require more hydration than in moderate climates? Exerting yourself in the heat of a summer day can also lead to dehydration, which has its own health risks, so it’s an important thing to be aware of as we start enjoying outdoor summer activities. But how can we easily fit our hydration goals into our fun summer plans? Easy! Check out our quick hydration hacks below.

Set a daily intake goal

Even if you’re relaxing in the shade during the hot days of summer, you should still up your water intake during the season. If you are in the sun, strive to get 8 oz of water every 30-40 minutes. So, set your daily ounces goal based on your activity level and planned sun exposure level and try hard to meet that goal. If it’s tough for you to keep track, grab a water bottle with ounces clearly marked so you know how much you’ve consumed (or simply mark on your water bottle with a sharpie). If it’s still tough to remember, set a recurring alarm on your smartphone or watch – the results of staying hydrated will be better cardiovascular health, clear skin, better mood and much more. 

Grab what you can

If you’re in a pinch and plain water doesn’t sound appealing, or you don’t have it on hand, natural juices, teas, sparkling waters and even coffee (yes coffee!) can help you meet your hydration needs. Of course, keep caffeine to a minimum as it tends to dehydrate you if you consume too much. Cascade Ice Sparkling Water has tons of flavor options and can be enjoyed straight from the bottle or over ice for extra hydration! Even drinks with added electrolytes are a great choice for the summer. 

Eat hydrating foods

One of the best things about summer is all the delicious foods! People often forget that certain foods can be hydrating as well – in fact, we get 20-25% of our daily water intake from food! If you’re hungry, try choosing foods with a higher water content, such as fresh greens, melons, and peppers. And of course, wash down your food with a glass of water! 

Dress smartly

Fluid intake is very important, but so is fluid retention in the summertime. And clothing plays a big part in that, especially when considering sun exposure. During the summer, aim to wear loose-fitting cotton, linen or rayon fabrics which allows air to circulate. These materials can keep you cooler longer and can wick sweat away from your body. Also, aim for lighter colors to reflect the sun rather than absorbing the heat from it. 

Check your pee!

A surefire way to tell if you’re hydrating enough during the summer? Check your urine – it should be pale in color, similar to straw. If it’s a dark yellow, this means you may already be dehydrated. Grab some water and stay in the shade ASAP! Consult your health provider for any questions related to your health, sun exposure and hydration. 

How do you stay hydrated in the summer? Let us know in the comments below or share a photo! Remember to “like” and “follow” us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Skin Healthy

by Cascade Ice on April 13, 2023


Spring is here, which means the weather is warming up and the sunshine is sticking around for a while. With the warmer temperatures inevitably comes more sun exposure for your skin. You’ve probably always heard that the skin is the body’s largest organ, but did you know that when it’s not healthy, it’s not able to act as a strong barrier to protect you?

Your skin has many functions, but the most important role is to protect us from pollution, viruses and chemicals that are present in our atmosphere. Skin also regulates your core body temperature, protects important internal organs, and acts as a manager to maintain and control fluids (among many other things!). While many factors play into how healthy your skin can be, such as age, genetics, disease and hormones, there are several things you can do to better the health of your skin. Here are just a few quick, simple ways to keep your skin healthy and glowing all Spring and Summer long:

Control life stressors

While many of us lead demanding, fast-paced lives, keeping stress under control is a critical component in the health and well-being of your skin. Which is why some people may see blemishes pop up before a stressful life event. What can you do to keep stress under control? Try things like daily meditation practice, taking walks, doing breathing exercises and carving out time in your day to do things you really enjoy. Still feel stressed? Try to pinpoint what’s causing you to feel this way and take a good look at what you can change. After all, so many studies now are linking stress to disease, so it’s an important factor in your overall wellness. Take stress seriously and try to eliminate it from your life!

Drink lots of water 

Most people assume they are getting the right amount of hydration each day, but, unfortunately they aren’t. And you can chug a gallon of water each day, but most times this will not help with keeping your body hydrated. So, what to do? Try adding some electrolytes to your water to help your body absorb water better. Carry a reusable water bottle around with you all day and aim to consume an ounce of water for each pound you weigh – more if you exercise. Regular water gets boring? Try Cascade Ice Water for something different and fun!

Get your ZZZ’s

Get your beauty sleep! Have you ever noticed how tired your skin looks after a bad night’s sleep? Well, there is a science to that. The National Sleep Foundation recommends that adults get 7-9 hours of sleep each night, and practice good sleep hygiene such as turning the lights low an hour before bedtime and aiming for the same time getting to sleep each night. Sleep deprivation can have a big impact on your skin’s functioning and appearance. And with only a little amount of sleep, your body doesn’t get the optimal amount of time each night to repair itself from environmental toxins and sun exposure. So, make sleep a priority and get your shut eye!

Cut out tobacco

Using tobacco products is one of the fastest ways to age your skin. It shrinks the blood vessels, which tanks the skin of the nutrients and oxygen it needs to look and feel healthy. Quitting tobacco products can prevent wrinkles and preserve your skin’s collagen. Trade the tobacco for a new healthy habit such as a fun hobby, a book club or a walking group. The more you make these healthy habits a daily thing, you’ll find it’s easier to keep cravings and unhealthy behaviors under control.

Use sun protection

While some sun exposure is good for your body to absorb Vitamin D, regulate hormones and give you a boost of energy, too much can be detrimental for your skin. To avoid sunburns from sun overexposure, try a daily sunscreen for your body and face. Also, make sure you’re tracking when the sun’s UV rays are the strongest throughout the day and avoid those times. Protect your body’s biggest organ with hats, sunglasses, and SPF!

What’s your favorite way to keep your skin healthy? Let us know in the comments below or share a photo! Remember to “like” and “follow” us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

5 Easy Health Hacks to Help You Feel Your Best

by Cascade Ice on February 24, 2023

How are your New Year’s resolutions going? If you’re like most Americans, you may not feel as though you’ve succeeded in keeping them. That’s because research has shown that instead of making vast, sweeping changes to your health habits, human beings tend to be more successful if they instead focus instead on making small, healthy choices every day. So, what should you do to keep on the healthy living track? Easy, healthy hacks that you can put in place today! Hacks are shortcuts that make getting to our destination a little bit less daunting.

Below are 5 simple health hacks that anyone can do with minimal effort, time, and cost. Start with one and make it a daily habit before adding another. Soon you’ll be on your way to keeping healthy habits for a lifetime!

Take deep breaths

Breathing is the thing our body does instinctually, but as we get older, we tend to forget the importance of deep, belly breaths. Deep breathing for just 5 to 10 minutes each day can slow aging, lower stress and blood pressure, and improve mental clarity. Start by lying on your back and focusing on drawing big, deep breaths into your belly and out through your mouth. If you’re new to this, place a book or other object on your stomach and focus on the rise and fall of each breath. 

Step away from electronics

Most of us struggle these days with depending on technology, and that dependence is slowly contributing to stress, depression and bad sleep. Start by shutting off your phone, laptop or TV for 30 minutes each day and work your way up to a full hour. During those times, think of something you love to do, like catch up with friends or family over the phone, going for a walk, or cooking. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how it feels to be freed from electronics and social media just for a short period of time! 

Set and meet a daily hydration goal 

There are tons of research that point to the plentiful benefits of staying hydrated. But most people just don’t want to chug a gallon of plain water every day. So, incorporate other healthy hydration sources in your daily goal. For example, upon waking, mix the juice from half of a lemon into your water to add vitamins and antioxidants. Or try some sparkling water varieties (we’re partial to Cascade Ice Sparkling Water!) to jazz up your intake. Even a flavored electrolyte powder is a nice change up to plain water that boasts all kinds of benefits! It all counts and goes a long way with keeping your body hydrated and functioning at its very best each day.

Get 15 minute of exercise 

We get it – there are days that are so busy, you simply can’t make it to the gym or even think about going for a run. However, everyone has 15 minutes to spare in their day, and reframing the idea of “exercise” to include any type of physical movement will really help you to make it happen each day. Taking the dog for a walk, doing a quick yoga session, or even taking the stairs or biking to work count as physical exercise. Just make the goal of getting 15 minutes in each day and you’ll be surprised at how your physical and mental health get a big boost! Make sure you track what you do each day and hold yourself accountable.

Have a good laugh

There are many studies that have proven the vast benefits of laughter. It can boost your immune system, lower stress, and is considered nature’s medicine for your physical and mental health. But life is hard – what if you just don’t feel like laughing? Don’t overthink it! Put on your favorite comedy show, dress up in goofy outfits with a friend, play a funny board game, or attend a goat yoga class! The options are endless, but  the importance of being around others and being playful will benefit your health greatly in the long run. So get out and have a laugh each day! 

What health hacks do you currently do daily, or which ones do you hope to start? Tell us in the comments below or share a photo! Remember to “like” and “follow” us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

5 Simple Rituals to Help you Stay on Track during the Holiday Season

by Cascade Ice on November 22, 2022

If the holiday season went exactly like the Christmas carols we sing every year, the season would be like a scene from “It’s a Wonderful Life” – filled with happy, peaceful people soaking up every minute. But we’re human beings (not robots), so the holiday season often comes with stress and the pressure to do it all, and get it all done. If we don’t practice healthy rituals each day, we risk burning out and feeling overwhelmed, which can wreak havoc on both our mental and physical health. Here are some tips we’ve assembled to help you stay healthy through the new year that are easy to remember and adopt. 

Get rid of the “I can’t have that” mentality

With the holidays comes delicious and sometimes unhealthy food and drinks. Of course, some foods have more nutritional value than others, but partaking in some of the most wonderful foods of the holiday season will not derail your entire lifestyle. Just make sure you keep it in balance. Permit yourself to have some indulgent foods and stop when you’re satisfied. Keep the balance by making healthy choices using the 80/20 rule – 80 percent of the time, choose good-for-you options, and 20 percent of the time, choose things you simply want to eat. This will lead to fewer binges and subsequent guilt.

Move your body

It’s colder and darker outside, which instinctually causes us to want to stay indoors. Instead of seeing exercise as checking a chore off your to-do list, simply prioritize movement during the holiday season. It can be walking the dog around the neighborhood, taking a hot yoga class, or taking an online workout or stretching class. If you’re getting some type of movement done each day, don’t beat yourself up about toning down your regular workout routine in favor of activities that fit easily within your busy holiday schedule. Meditation is also a great tool to help calm the mind and body if you feel like stress is taking hold!

Prioritize yourself

The holiday season doesn’t have to look like what people expect it to be – busy, rushed, and crowded. While you can honor family traditions, you can also make yourself a priority by devoting time to be alone. Whether that’s taking a bath before bed, or saying “No” to a social commitment, you’ll be impressed by how this simple ritual of prioritizing your time will save you from the type of stress that has you wishing the holiday season will hurry up and end!

Cut back on booze

For many people during the holiday season, alcohol can quickly become a way to manage stress, which can lead to long-term unhealthy habits throughout the year. If you are consuming alcohol this holiday season, be mindful of your consumption and practice moderation by having just 1 or 2 drinks. Always plan ahead if you’re attending a social function to make sure you don’t overconsume, and if you’re hosting a party, make sure to offer some alcohol-free options to guests – we have so many great low-calorie, low-sugar mocktail options using Cascade Ice Sparkling Water so you don’t have to feel left out and you can still stay on track with your goals.

Focus on your sleep habits

Stress and sleep are intertwined. Too little (or interrupted) sleep often leads to feelings of stress, and alternatively, stress can impede quality sleep. So, what can you do? Try not to fall into the trap of staying up too late and make a habit of cutting off electronics and starting bedtime rituals about an hour before you go to sleep. Consider journaling to keep track of your worries, which will help keep your mind from racing when you should be snoozing. There are lots of apps and settings on our smartphones that can help you block out the noise of social commitments and social media, so take advantage of them during the crazy holiday season and watch your sleep (and mood) improve!

How do you stay healthy and on track during the busy, stressful holiday season? Tell us in the comments below or share a photo! Remember to “like” and “follow” us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.