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Brighten your day with a Skinny Fiesta Mule Cocktail

by Cascade Ice on October 4, 2022

Hands down the best, most refreshing cocktail has to be the Moscow Mule. But lately people have put their own spin on the famous cocktail by swapping different liquors and ingredients or adding in different elements to make it fun and different. And that’s what we’ve done with our Cascade Ice Skinny Fiesta Mule! This flavorful, light cocktail is made with tequila, lime, ginger and of course – Cascade Ice USDA Organic Sparkling Water

To keep this cocktail low in sugar and calories, we recommend finding real ginger syrup at your local store – it typically has all natural ingredients and lower amounts of sugar compared to ginger beer that is typically used in mule cocktails. The Cascade Ice will add the bubbles and fizz back in! Of course, if you’d like a mocktail, feel free to omit the liquor altogether from the recipe. Read on for how to whip up a fun, easy drink that won’t sabotage your health goals!


2 oz Tequila blanco

1 oz Ginger syrup

½ oz Lime juice

3 oz Cascade Ice USDA Organic Sparkling Water in Ginger Lime


Lime wedges


Add tequila, lime Juice, and ginger syrup to your favorite glass (or a traditional copper mug!) and gently stir together ingredients to combine. Fill glass with ice and top with Cascade Ice and garnish with lime wedges. Enjoy!

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