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How to Curb Your Sweet Tooth for Better Health

by Cascade Ice on June 20, 2021

Sugar is something that is ubiquitous in the American diet – it’s literally in almost everything we consume, from cereal to salad dressing. But what many people don’t realize is that it’s so easy to overconsume. The average healthy person should not eat more than 24 grams of sugar per day. And considering that an average chocolate candy bar contains about 20 grams of sugar, that doesn’t leave much left for other foods. 

Why does sugar have such a bad rep? While sugar is a necessary part of our diet because it’s needed for our body’s cells to make energy, you can easily overdo it. Added sugar can be found in sodas, yogurt, soups, bread, and even ketchup. Diabetes is one disease that people typically think of when it comes to consuming too many added sugars, but overconsumption can also affect your heart health through prolonged (chronic) inflammation. High amounts of sugar can also overload your liver, which works hard to process sugar the same way it does alcohol. Over time, this could lead to fatty liver disease, which can be a slippery slope into both diabetes and heart disease. 

But sugar consumption is a hard habit to break, especially when you tend to drink your sugar calories rather than eat them. Because liquid calories don’t satisfy our bodies like calories from solid foods, our bodies get “tricked” into consuming more calories in our daily diet than we actually need. How can you break the cycle? Here are a few tips to get you started.

First off, pay attention to what you’re consuming. Read labels and perhaps even start a journal to see where you’re at with your sugar consumption. Not the number of grams of sugar per serving on an item, as well as the total number of servings it contains. Also, keep track of both your food AND your beverages. Sometimes we forget that our morning frappuccino can be loaded with an excess of sugar grams because we’re not having to chew it. 

Next, try some healthier swaps for things that may have too much of your daily sugar allotment. If you tend to reach for a grain-based breakfast, it’s likely that you’re adding more sugar than you realize. Instead, reach for a protein-packed breakfast like eggs or this green smoothie. It will keep you fuller longer, which will lead to less overconsumption and weight gain. If you can’t get enough of sodas, try a flavored sparkling water instead. Cascade Ice Sparkling Waters have different product lines to choose from, and are free of sugar, calories, gluten and sodium. Plus, you’re getting hydrated, which has proven to stave off sickness and maintain a healthy weight. 

Lastly, whenever you can, reach for natural sugars – those found mainly in fresh and frozen fruit. Fruit is naturally sweet but has the added benefit of being full of fiber, vitamins and minerals to keep you healthy and full. Other examples of natural sugars can be found in greek yogurt, dark chocolate, and dates. So,reach for the real, good stuff when the sweet tooth cravings kick in!

What do you do to tame your sugar cravings or cut back on sugar? Tell us in the comments below or share a photo! Remember to “like” and “follow” us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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