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Simple, Healthy Snacks to Make at Home

by Cascade Ice on April 22, 2020

As we continue to spend our time at home, it’s easy to fall into a trap of mindlessly wandering to the fridge for whatever snacks may be available. But this approach can result in too many calories and unwanted weight gain. Instead, plan out your healthy snacks and stock up with these essentials that are low sugar and filled with energy-boosting protein! Here are some quick snack ideas to make at home:

Red Bell Peppers 

Red bell peppers are not only nutritious, but the red varieties are especially high in antioxidants, Vitamin C and fiber. Cut them up into easy-to-bite slices and dip them into guacamole or hummus!

Yogurt with Berries 

Grab some yogurt (plain greek is the best kind) and your favorite berries (such as raspberries, blueberries, blackberries or strawberries) and combine them for a nutrient-dense, easy snack. This one is a great source of calcium, protein and antioxidants! 

Tomatoes and Mozzarella

Tomatoes and mozzarella cheese are a perfect pair! Cherry tomatoes are rich in  lycopene, which helps ward off diseases, and mozzarella is a great source of protein and can help boost HDL (good) cholesterol levels. 

Beef Jerky

Pre-packaged jerky available to purchase in stores is often loaded with sugar and sodium. Make your own jerky with grass-fed beef for a high protein snack packed with omega-3 fatty acids to keep your heart healthy. 

Protein Smoothie

Grab your blender and combine fruit, spinach or kale, ice, and some protein (whey is a great option), as well as almond or cow’s milk. Protein can help you gain muscle, lose fat and improve your body composition. Plus, it can give you a mid-day boost!

Sparkling Water

Sometimes thirst can be mistaken for hunger. Reach for a Cascade Ice Sparkling Water the next time you feel like snacking, and hydrate with zero sugar or calories! We offer plenty of options from USDA organic to caffeinated, in many different fun flavor combinations! 

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