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The Perfect After School Snack

by Cascade Ice on April 27, 2017

PARENTS–This one is for you. The perfect after school snack for your little ones. We all know how important it is for them to come home and keep their hands out of the chip bag or cookie jar. Instead, give them something that will prepare them to power through homework and soccer practice–and even better, this snack is simple, healthy and delicious!

Try preparing a plate with apples slices, pretzels and celery, and some peanut butter in the middle for them to dip these items in. It’s also easy to prep these things in the morning or the night before so that when the kids come home hungry, you can quickly put this snack together.

To spice this snack up for the kids, surprise them with a flavorful, fun drink using Cascade Ice Sparkling Water. Below are two recipes that your kids are sure to love!

Fizzy Pink Lemondade


Fizzy Pink Lemonade
What you Need:
·        Cascade Ice Organic Lemon Lime
·        Country Time Pink Lemonade Mix
·        Pineapple Juice
·        Raspberries
How To:
1.       Add three spoonful’s of the Country Time Pink Lemonade Mix to your glass
2.       Pour the Cascade Ice Organic Lemon Lime Sparkling Water over the mix and stir until it is completely dissolved
3.       Add a splash of pineapple juice
4.       Drop some raspberries in there for garnish
blueberry watermelon goodness
Blueberry Watermelon Goodness
What you need:
·        Cascade Ice Blueberry Watermelon
·        Club Soda
·        Diced Watermelon
·        Blueberries
How to:
·        Crush two or three pieces of dice watermelon in a glass
·        Add some ice, and pour the Cascade Ice Blueberry Watermelon to fill the glass halfway
·        Pour the club soda in to fill the rest of the glass, and swirl a couple times to mix
·        Drop 3 blueberries on top to garnish

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