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Soda vs. Cascade Ice

by Cascade Ice on October 20, 2016

Hey Cascade Ice fans! So you think you know a thing or two about soda, right? Well, this week on the Flavorful Life we’re presenting a couple reasons why Cascade Ice is the perfect replacement for your soda cravings!

Many of our fans have done it… kicked out soda from their diet with Cascade Ice. We have over 20 different flavors to choose from with no caffeine, no sugar and no calories; so what’s not to love? Cascade Ice is the cool and refreshing sparkling water that anyone can love. Twist open the cap and you’re met with a fizzy burst of flavors! Need more convincing? Check out the image below!


Sodas are full of sugars and other things that your body doesn’t even need. So if you’re looking for a fizzy, flavorful and refreshing drink – why not give Cascade Ice a try? It has zero calories, zero sugar, zero carbs, zero fat… We think you get the idea.

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