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Staying Healthy this Labor Day Weekend

by Cascade Ice on September 1, 2016


Hey Cascade Ice fans! As you know, Labor Day is right around the corner and that means barbecues, relaxing and enjoying the day! This week on the Flavorful Life blog, we’re serving up some tips on staying healthy over the holiday weekend.

Whether you’re hitting the lake or kickin’ it by the pool, good food and company are usually involved. When sharing a big meal with your friends and family, there’s going to be plenty of options for you to choose from! Trying to stick to your diet or health regime? Try brining a couple of food options you can enjoy eating as well as your guests! You will feel more comfortable knowing how healthy the food is as well as contributing to your backyard barbecue or picnic.

Remember, it’s important to stay active as well, so don’t be afraid to fill in for that volleyball or football game! And most importantly, stay hydrated! Cascade Ice is the perfect drink to serve at your Labor Day get-together. Because if you’re trying to enjoy the weekend while staying healthy, what’s better than a zero calorie and sugar free Cascade Ice?

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