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Have you Tried our Newest Organic Flavors Yet?

by Cascade Ice on July 21, 2016


If you enjoy the more genuine flavors of organic fruit, you’ll love our USDA Certified Organic Sparkling Water! Flavored with essences extracted from the natural oils of each fruity selection, these waters are completely guilt-free and 100% pure of sweeteners & dyes. With 10 delicious varieties to choose from, it may be difficult deciding which one to try first! To inspire you, we rounded up some of our newest flavors to try out.

Organic Pomegranate

Packing the powerful flavor combination of both sweet and tart, Organic Pomegranate is a juicy, refreshing choice that is sure to win you over with its lasting zing. We recommend drinking it chilled or over ice with a splash of fresh organic juice (we love cranberry).

Organic Orange Mango

Since its July, we’d like to take a moment to talk about our favorite sunny fruits: Orange and Mango! This tropically-inspired sparkling water is every bit as hydrating as it is unbelievably tasty. Organic Orange Mango mixes well in cocktails (alcoholic or non) garnished with a wedge of fresh mango and an umbrella pick. Because when something tastes this good, you want to embellish.

Organic Black Raspberry

This dark, delectable fruit tastes luxurious in any setting, but we prefer it in our sparkling water. When was the last time you felt spoiled while staying hydrated? You might even add some grown-up pizzazz to your Organic Black Raspberry with a shot of vodka… Treat yourself!


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