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Kickin’ It with Lifestyle Blogger Louida Martin

by Cascade Ice on February 26, 2015

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It’s hard to find people as passionate about online blogging as Louida Martin these days. A passionate product tester, lifestyle blogger, social media influencer and mother; she’s here to talk food health for you and your family!


Why is “Healthy Living” important to you?

I would like to be there for my children when they get older.

Who are your “Healthy Living” role models and why?

It would have to be Dr. Oz because he always gives out great health advice.

What is your go-to healthy meal when you are short on time? 

Lowfat yogurt is my go-to meal each morning to help me have energy during the day.

Do you have any tips for families who want to make some healthy lifestyle changes?

First it needs to start in your own home by clearing out your cabinets of all the junk foods and then replacing it with healthier foods and drinks.

Are there any foods that you consider to be off-limits completely?

I do not drink soda due to all the sugar in it and plus it is bad for you.  Great alternative if you don’t care for drinking water is Cascade Ice.  Also I stay away from fried foods.

In addition to eating right, do you have any other tips to share on overall wellness (i.e. sleep, relaxation techniques, fitness routines)?

Make sure you’re getting plenty of rest each day.

What is your favorite Cascade Ice flavor and why?

Raspberry Lemonade because I love the sweet fruity flavor.

To see more of Louida’s tips, visit her personal blog Product Review Mom. You can also connect with her on FacebookTwitterInstagram and Pinterest!

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