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Kickin’ It with Food Blogger Shaina Wizov

by Cascade Ice on October 16, 2014


Today we’re Kickin’ It with Bite Out of Boca Food Blogger, Shaina Wizov, who shares her healthy lifestyle tips! Read more to learn how she balances working a hectic full-time schedule and eating healthy.

Shaina Wizov

Why is “Healthy Living” important to you?

Living a healthy lifestyle gives me the energy needed to live the crazy busy life I lead! Aside from blogging, I have a full time job in book marketing/publishing, and I’m invited to SO many food events and restaurants to review throughout the week. If I didn’t make healthy choices such as working out everyday, getting a good night’s sleep, staying hydrated, and eating the right foods, I would never be able to keep up with everything. Not to mention, healthy living just makes you feel good about yourself — mentally and physically, and that is always important.

Who are your “Healthy Living” role models and why?

My gym buddies! I have a few really great friends whom I work out with on a regular basis. We take spin classes and lift weights together a few times a week and really love each other’s company, both in and outside of the gym. Also, the various teachers at the yoga studio I go to, especially the owner. She is such an amazing advocate for healthy living.

What is your go-to healthy meal when you are short on time?

Quinoa Bowls. I basically cook up some quinoa with whatever veggies I have in the fridge or freezer, add  in some spices and herbs and call it dinner! It’s quick, healthy, and as long as you have a good variety of vegetables and spices/herbs laying around, you can really put together some really flavorful dishes.

Do you have any tips for families who want to make some healthy lifestyle changes?

If you are a family who eats a lot of meat, try to go meatless at least once a week — Meatless Mondays. Or switch things up and use seafood instead. Eat in season — buy fresh fruits and vegetables when they are at their peak. They’ll be less expensive and so much tastier!

Are there any foods that you consider to be off-limits completely?

Well, meat, because I don’t eat it. I try to stay away from deep fried foods as much as possible, but sometimes a girl’s gotta have french fries! Moderation is key. When you tell yourself you can’t have something, you will only want it more.

In addition to eating right, do you have any other tips to share on overall wellness (i.e. sleep, relaxation techniques, fitness routines)?

Get into a sleep routine. Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time each night. Stay active, whether you like to run outside, go to the gym, or get together with friends for a game of tennis, just do something. Yin Yoga is amazing for anyone who ever feels stress or anxiety and just needs time to unwind and relax. Yin is not like your normal flow, it’s all about deep stretching and you rarely leave the floor.

To learn more about Shaina and her tips, visit her blog A Bite Out of Boca to find recipes, reviews, DIY tips and much more! Check Shaina out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest!

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