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Drink Recipes for a Slam Dunk NBA Finals Party

by Cascade Ice on June 5, 2014

In light of the epic NBA Finals rematch between the San Antonio Spurs and the Miami Heat, we’re mixing up some fresh, team-inspired drink recipes every basketball fan can enjoy!

Cascade Ice Wild Berry Bomb

First up we have the Miami Heat Mixer. For this delicious deep red drink, start by pouring Cascade Ice Huckleberry Blackberry over ice. Mix in some fresh blackberries and muddle to release the flavor. If you prefer an adult beverage, add 1oz of rum, garnish with a lemon slice and sip away!


Next, we have the Spurs Sipper. Begin by placing a handful of fresh blackberries  in a glass with ice. Add 1oz of vodka, fill the rest of the glass with Cascade Ice Organic Mixed Berry and enjoy!

Whichever team you’re rooting for, these cocktails are sure to be a slam dunk! To make sure you’ve got enough Cascade Ice to get you through the series, visit our where to buy map and stock up at a retailer near you!

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