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Kickin’ It with Blogger Teia Collier

by Cascade Ice on May 29, 2014


One of the of the best ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle is by staying motivated, which is why we’re excited to share with you a new edition of our interview series Kickin’ It with Cascade Ice! Today, our inspiration comes from Teia B. Collier,  founder of blog Life According to Teia.

Teia Collier

Why is “Healthy Living” important to you?

Healthy living is a life saver because it makes it possible to do everything else in my life better. Health is an intangible, priceless gift. You don’t really appreciate it until it’s gone. It’s also one way that I give my children the best chance to live full, rich, healthy lives.

Who are your “Healthy Living” role models and why?

My mom is one of healthy living role models. She practices what she preaches about staying active, enjoying your life and feeding your body well. But I also dig Kris Carr, Ellie Krieger and some of the practices that come out of the School of Integrative Nutrition.

What is your go-to healthy meal when you are short on time?

My go-to healthy meal is Cajun Tilapia with garlic greens, onions and carrots. It takes about 15 minutes from fridge to plate!

Do you have any tips for families who want to make some healthy lifestyle changes?

Sure! Life gets busy. Between work, practices and getting it all done, sometimes healthy living gets put on the back burner. Here are three tips that work for us.

1) Manage your portions and pre-pack your lunches and snacks. Make it an assembly line and get the kids involved. It’s fun, cost-effective and keeps you away from fast food.

2) Squeeze in exercise. Squeeze in a dance break while dinner is simmering or dance out the sleepies in the morning. Do squats during commercial breaks. Keep it interesting and keep everyone moving.

3) Stock healthy staples at the house. If it’s already there, we are way more likely to eat it.

Are there any foods that you consider to be off-limits completely?

No. I’ve learned that if we operate on the zero-tolerance model, we feel deprived and it’s just not a fun way to live. Everything in moderation, but choose the best options possible.

In addition to eating right, do you have any other tips to share on overall wellness?

1) Stay active. Your body is a gorgeous machine made to be moved, loved and used. It needs it, loves it and craves it. Keep it moving. Shoot for 150 minutes of activity every week. Get those endorphins flowing.

2) Breathe and let it go — life is serious, but not that serious — stress is a killer.

3) Sleep — your body heals, repairs and rejuvenates itself when you sleep. If you don’t sleep, well you know how that goes.

To see more of Teia’s tips, connect with her on Facebook or on Twitter.

  1. So excited to be featured! What a great addition to an awesome Friday!

    Posted on May 30, 2014 at 4:42 pm by Teia Collier

  2. Congrats Teia! Great feature.

    Posted on May 30, 2014 at 7:35 pm by Vee