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Kickin’ It With Not So Average Mama Blogger Brandy

by Cascade Ice on October 3, 2013

This week, Cascade Ice is “Kickin’ It” with Brandy, “Girl on Fire.” Brandy is the blogger behind Not So Average Mama, the blog without a niche and photographer for Loudmouth Photography. She lives with a degenerative neurological disease and healthy living is extremely important to her. Continue reading to learn more!

Not So Average Mama

Why is “Healthy Living” important to you?

I have a degenerative neurological disease called CRPS (sometimes known as RSD).  It is very important that I take care of myself to lessen the effects of the disease.

Who are your “Healthy Living” role models and why?

I look up to anyone who has a struggle and fights through it. They are all my role models!

What is your go-to healthy meal when you are short on time?

When I am short on time, I make a loaded salad with vegetables, fruits and nuts!

Do you have any tips for families who want to make some healthy lifestyle changes?

Focus on one small change and one goal at a time!  Every step you take towards living a healthy live is progress. You can’t give up!

Are there any foods that you consider to be off-limits completely?

This is hard.  I believe MOST things are okay in moderation.  But that doesn’t mean it is good for your body!  I would have to say I consider fast food restaurants off limits.  I try to stick to a RAW foods diet, but occasionally have cooked foods, meat and dairy.

In addition to eating right, do you have any other tips to share on overall wellness?  

Sleep is something I desperately need. But due to the pain I experience with RSD, I do not get enough.  I know I need more sleep! I believe exercise is crucial for a good night’s sleep. I chose something fun such as Roller Derby!

What is your favorite Cascade Ice flavor and why?  

So far Lemonade Cascade Ice is my favorite, but I haven’t tried them all yet!

Read the Not So Average Mama blog to learn more about Brandy. Follow her Not So Average Mama Facebook and Loudmouth Photography Facebook.

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