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Playful April Fool’s Day Drinks!

by Cascade Ice on March 28, 2013

Want to pull a taste bud trick on friend or co-worker this April Fool’s Day? Make this funky holiday memorable and fun by using these drink recipes to satiate your fellow pranksters!

Let’s “trick” your friends’ taste buds with a Trickster Tini! Fill a 16oz martini shaker halfway with ice and add 2oz of Ciroc Vodka. Then, pour in 4oz Cascade Ice Zero-Calorie Apple Tini Mixer and gently stir. A simple apple-flavored martini, right? Wrong! Add a drop of purple food coloring to confuse what their eyes see and their taste buds taste.

For your little love “fools,” try our Joker’s Punch recipe. Mix up 4oz Cascade Ice Zero-Calorie Strawberry Lemonade and 2oz pineapple juice in a frosted glass filled with ice. Rim the glass with fresh pineapple slice and to finish it off? You guessed it! A little April Fool’s Day food coloring. Try green or blue!

Happy April Fool’s Day Cascade Ice fans!

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