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Cheers to More Daylight!

by Cascade Ice on November 1, 2012

With the clock falling back an hour this weekend, we bet you’re as excited as we are about getting that extra hour of sleep! Use this opportunity to invite some friends over for a cocktail hour to welcome the shorter days ahead.  Looking for some low-calorie options? Try out some of our Fall Back cocktails for the perfect send-off to Daylight Savings.

Start the evening with a Pineapple Sunrise. In your stainless steel shaker, add 1.5oz of spiced rum, 2oz of Cascade Ice’s Zero-Calorie Pineapple Blueberry Banana, and 0.5oz of ginger ale. Stir the contents and pour over ice. Add a pineapple wedge to the rim for some flare.

Follow up with a Sparkling Sun Slush. For this drink, you’ll need a handful of ice, 2oz of citrus vodka, 4oz of Cascade Ice’s Zero-Calorie Orange Mango and the juice of a lime. Blend the ingredients to your desired consistency and serve with an orange wedge.

These flavorful cocktails will keep you refreshed and ready for the time change. Don’t forget to turn back the clock Saturday night!

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