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Make Your Own Slushies!

by Cascade Ice on July 19, 2012

What’s better in the summertime than an ice-cold, tasty slushie? Cascade Ice is bursting with flavor and zero-calorie, which makes it the perfect ingredient for a summer slushie! Try out one of our recipes below and you’ll be in slushie heaven in no time.

Watermelon is oh-so-delicious, and ripe for the pickin’ this summer. If you’re a fan, try a Cascade Ice Watermelon Slushie. In a blender, combine a few handfuls of ice, several seedless watermelon chunks and 8oz of Cascade Ice Zero-Calorie Blueberry Watermelon. Then, pour in 6oz of your favorite white wine. Blend to desired consistency and enjoy!

For some serious refreshment, try whipping up a Cascade Ice Berry Lime Slushie. Combine ice, 8oz Cascade Ice Zero-Calorie Pomegranate Berry, a handful of strawberries and 2 tbsp. fresh lime juice in a blender. Blend it up and garnish with a lime and fresh mint.

Get your “slush” on and enjoy!



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