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Tips for Cold Weather Exercising

by Cascade Ice on December 15, 2011

The temperatures are dropping, making some of us more inclined to stay indoors while we exercise. You can still enjoy your favorite outdoor exercise activities, like running and biking, while being healthy, safe and warm.

The most important thing you can do for your body, especially in the cold weather, is to stretch and warm up. Doing five or 10 minutes worth of cardio will help you avoid injury and raise your body temperature you up before you head outside.

If you aren’t a fan of jogging in place or indoors before you head out there are some other exercises that can get your blood flowing.

Doing 10 stationary lunges can help get your body going and warm up your hamstrings. Sun salutations (raising your arms above your head and bending to touch your toes) are also a great way to warm your body and loosen your joints.

Remember to wear layers! This will help keep you warm, and if you get too hot you can take a layer off and tie it around your waist.

No matter what temperature you’re working out in, don’t forget to stay hydrated! Be sure to grab an Ultra Pure Water from Cascade Ice!

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