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Staying Cool in the Summer Sun

by Cascade Ice on June 8, 2011

Most of us are excited to come out of our winter hibernation, buy new summer clothes and enjoy our favorite outdoor activities. One very important thing to remember is to stay hydrated and pay close attention to your body as the temperatures rise. Here are some tips from the American Heart Association that can help:

  • Drink plenty of water and fluids! If it’s hot out and you’re not working up a sweat, you may be dehydrated so drink up!
  • Sunburns stink! Always wear sunscreen with at least SPF 15 and remember to reapply every two hours.
  • Keep in mind that the sun is at its strongest between noon and 3 p.m., so head inside if it’s getting too hot.
  • Dress for the weather. Wear lightweight clothes like cotton, and use sunglasses to protect your eyes.

Here’s wishing you a wonderful, fun-filled Summer! Do you have any special┬ásummer tips? Share them below!

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