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National Employee Health and Fitness Day

by Cascade Ice on May 18, 2011

When it comes to physical well-being and health, being active is key. What you may not know is by choosing a healthy diet and exercising will actually help more than just your physical wellbeing. Living a whole, healthy lifestyle will benefit your state of mind, stress levels, self-esteem and more.  According to the National Association of Health and Fitness, there are some beneficial tips and activities you and your colleagues can partake in to make sure you are healthy inside and out. In honor of National Employee Health and Fitness Day, we’re sharing the top tips:  

  • Healthy Moments – Healthy Moments are occasions of healthy eating, physical activity, or personal/environmental health. Try going for a walk; cooking a healthy meal; participating in an exercise class; quitting smoking; scheduling a health assessment and going to the doctor.  Your body will love you for this!
  • Form an exercise group or ask a co-worker – This could include planning a company run or walk in the local area; planting a community garden; creating a company or family fitness event; or even adopting a company-wide physical activity standard or policy.
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle – Encourage your employees or co-workers to take the right steps towards a healthy lifestyle by providing them with promotional health and fitness tips.

Do you work for a company that promotes health and fitness? If so, we’d love to hear about it!

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