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Addicted to Sugar? Really?

by Cascade Ice on February 22, 2011

Could you be addicted to sugar? A recent article that includes a Q&A with Dr. Naomi Stotland (who leads an obesity research group) suggests that factors like stress can cause people to choose sugary, high-fat foods. For some people, savory food like french fries or pizza is their weakness, but for most women in particular, its sugar.  Stotland says that women are driven to eat sweet food because it makes them feel good, stimulating the part of the brain that feels pleasure.

Stotland even goes so far as to say that people can become addicted to sugar, just like cigarettes, drugs and alcohol. Certain people experience high-fat, sweet foods, as a mind-altering substance that affects how they feel.

Her word of advice to combat sweet cravings? Avoid having foods and drinks at home and work that you will be tempted with. You can also switch out full-sugar versions of certain products with sugar-free versions.

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