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Thanksgiving Turkey: The Health Facts

by Cascade Ice on November 21, 2011

This Thursday many of us will be chowing down with friends and family, and of course most people choose turkey as their meat of choice on Thanksgiving. With the holiday season approaching, turkey will appear again and again on your plate through the end of December, which begs the question: how healthy is turkey?

Turkey actually is good for your body as long as you don’t overeat (like all good things, moderation is key). Cooking your bird with the skin on it helps seal in moisture and keep out fat, just remember to peel the skin off before you eat it! Turkey is also a great source of folic acid, zinc, vitamin B and potassium!

If you are looking for a turkey alternative while trying to stay healthy, give Tofurky a try! Four ounces of Tofurkey has only 190 calories, 5 grams of fat and is loaded with 26 grams of protein!

As always remember to stay hydrated during the holiday season! When sitting down with your turkey, be sure to grab a Cascade Ice Ultra Pure Water or one of our tasty 2-calorie waters like Pomegranate Berry for a healthy holiday drink!