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Try This New Recipe for a Light, Festive Holiday Cocktail

by Cascade Ice on November 21, 2019

Looking for something new to make for your Thanksgiving dinner guests that isn’t the “same old, same old?” We have the perfect cocktail for you – something that is festive, but still low in calories and sugar. After you try it, you’ll want to enjoy it all season long!

Sparkling Vodka Cranberry Quencher

1 shot vodka

2 shots (3 oz.) cranberry juice

Splash of lime juice

Fresh lime slices

Cascade Ice Sparkling Water in Cranberry Pomegranate

Fresh or sugared cranberries


In a large shaker with ice, combine vodka, cranberry juice and lime juice and shake. Pour over more ice, and top with Cascade Ice Sparkling Water in Cranberry Pomegranate. Add desired amount of cranberries or fresh mint sprigs to the top of glass, and garnish with a fresh lime slice. Enjoy with or without the vodka!

What is your favorite holiday cocktail or mocktail?  Tell us in the comments below, or share a photo of your own concoction! Remember to “like” and “follow” us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Hold Onto Summer Year-Round with Lemon-Themed Recipes

by Cascade Ice on August 29, 2013

Labor Day is around the corner and we will soon be trading our water slides and white sandals for cozy sweaters and fall activities. But you can still hold onto the last rays of summer sunshine with Cascade Ice’s lemon-themed recipes, perfect year-round.

Traditional Strawberry Lemonade

You can never go wrong with the traditional Strawberry Lemonade. Pour 8oz Strawberry Lemonade Cascade Ice into an ice filled glass. Slice 3-4 fresh strawberries and 1 small lemon and add to your glass. Stir with a straw to evenly disperse the natural flavors from the fresh fruit.

Pink Grapefruit Lemonade

For a unique and crowd pleasing lemonade, whip up the Pink Grapefruit Lemonade. Fill a glass with ice cubes and pour 8oz of Pink Grapefruit Cascade Ice over the ice. Take a small fresh lemon and cut it in half. Squeeze the lemon juice from one ½ lemon into your glass and make sure to strain the lemon seeds. Add a couple slices of fresh lemon to compete the drink.

Lemon Drop Twist

The Lemon Drop Twist recipe is a spin off the Cascade Ice Lemon Drop recipe. The Lemon Drop Twist uses Lemonade Cascade Ice rather than the Lemon Drop Mixer Cascade Ice. Add 8oz Lemonade Cascade Ice Water, 2oz vodka and 1oz Amaretto to a martini mixer. Shake gently, pour over ice and garnish with a lemon slice and cinnamon stick.


Enjoy Berrylicious Beverages Throughout the Day

by Cascade Ice on August 15, 2013

Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, cranberries, huckleberries….there are so many different types of berries. Since berries are packed with vitamins and a good source of fiber, they are good for you too! Add berries to your diet from a delicious breakfast smoothie to a refreshing, antioxidant packed lunch drink to a classic after dinner cocktail with our berrylicious recipes.

Strawberry Guava Smoothie

Start your morning off with a Strawberry Guava Smoothie. Add 1 cup of strawberries and ½ cup of guava nectar to a blender. Add ¾ cups of Greek yogurt, 2oz of Ice cubes and 4oz of Strawberry Guava Cascade Ice. Blend until smooth. Garnish with a sliced strawberry and serve.

Berrylicious Blend

Add two fruit servings to a light lunch with the Berrylicious Blend. Throw your favorite fresh berries into a large glass. Slightly smush the berries with a fork releasing the delicious juices. Pour the Wild Berry Cascade Ice over the berries. Throw in some ice cubes and top with a handful of fresh berries. Enjoy!



Class up your evening with the Pomberrytini. Pour 8 ounces of the Cranberry Pomegranate Cascade Ice, 2oz of citrus vodka and 2oz berry schnapps into a large cocktail shaker. Add a splash of lemon juice and mix well. Pour Pomberrytini in two cocktail glasses. String fresh pomegranates on a toothpick and lay garnish over the glass. Beautiful and easy evening cocktail!


Whether you make the Strawberry Guava Smoothie for your kids, enjoy a light and refreshing mid-day break with the Berrylicious Blend or spend the evening relaxing with the Pomberrytini, you can reap the benefits of berries in the form of a tasty Cascade Ice recipe. Have a berry-filled day!