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Post Workout Game Plan

by Cascade Ice on September 20, 2011

Nothing feels better than completing a rigorous workout. Although you might be tired, you feel accomplished. Don’t let that hard work go to waste! Below are some tips from Health.com to get the most out of your workout after it is all over.

Stretch, stretch, stretch! This will help prevent injuries and help with that next day soreness. Have a lot of tight knots? Use a foam roller to help get rid of them.

You do actually need to eat! Within two hours after you work out to help repair muscles. Eating some complex carbs and little bit of protein is ideal – try eating half a peanut sandwich on wheat .

Do be cautious of what you eat. As tempting as it is, don’t hit up that burger joint post workout. You worked really hard and this will only set you back.

Do you have any post workout tips? Please share with us below!