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Protect Your Memory

by Cascade Ice on August 10, 2011

Ever get up and forget what you got up for? The occasionally forgetful moment is common for most people, especially if you are really busy.

Did you know (according to Health.com) memory loss can begin as early as your 20s? There’s no need to panic, though! There are steps you can take towards protecting your memory.

  • Don’t skip the carbs. Your brain and body needs carbohydrates to stay in tip-top shape.
  • Work out. It increases blood flow to your brain. Try to do it before your day begins to kick start your memory before work!
  • Use a different font. Deviating from you regular font occasionally can improve your memory! Since it is not the font you are used to seeing, you have to focus on it more.

Which of these steps do you think you’ll try to help protect your memory?