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Indoor Essentials with Classy and Kate

by Cascade Ice on June 22, 2020

One of our favorite influencers, Katelynn from “Classy and Kate”, recently shared her thoughts on how she’s sprucing up her daily life during the COVID-19 pandemic. Because, like everyone, she is spending more time at home than ever before, she has found it more important than ever to create a relaxing environment, and to nurture healthy habits and hobbies that keep her motivated. 

Katelynn’s daily essentials have been a good planner (to organize her day), books, paint supplies, and props for photoshoots. She’s had fun getting back into old hobbies and spending afternoons with the windows open, sunshine streaming in, and birds chirping outside while she works on various projects. 

She also found a great way to add a little “something” to the days spent at home than a refreshing, light and organic Cascade Ice Sparkling Water? With only 2 ingredients — carbonated water and natural organic flavor – and nine different flavors to choose from, your days at home will never be boring! 

And, if you feel like spicing it up during happy hour at home, check out some of Cascade Ice’s cocktail recipes for inspiration on some low-sugar, low-calorie libations. Cheers and stay healthy!

How have you been keeping things interesting and fun at home? Tell us in the comments below, or share a photo! Remember to “like” and “follow” us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Unique Valentine’s Day Cocktails for Your Special Someone

by Cascade Ice on February 12, 2020

Flowers, chocolates and love letters are so passé! This Valentine’s Day, make your special someone a delicious cocktail that won’t sabotage their health goals! These cocktail recipes include our favorite zero-calorie flavored sparkling water – Cascade Ice Water, which means low on calories, low on sugar, but high on LOVE! Check out our unique recipes below to learn how to whip up some fun new cocktails for your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day:


V-Day Gin Fizz

1/2 cup of gin

¼ cup of low-sugar orange juice 

1 cup of sliced strawberries 

1/2 cup of Wild Berry Cascade Ice Sparkling Water 

Combine gin, orange juice and strawberries in a shaker and mix well. Add ice to your glass of choice and pour mixture in, topping with Cascade Ice and garnishing with a fresh strawberry slice. Get ready to fall in love!


‘Be Mine’ Paloma

¾ cup of fresh grapefruit juice 

1 shot (1.5 oz) of tequila 

2 teaspoons lime juice

¾ cup of pink grapefruit Cascade Ice Sparkling Water

Fresh lime wedges

Pink Himalayan sea salt 

Add tequila, grapefruit juice, lime juice and ice into glass. Stir to combine, pour Cascade Ice over the top, and garnish with a lime wedge. Make their heart beat fast with this deliciously divine concoction! 


Cupid’s Cup

½ cup of vodka

3/4 oz Fresh lemon juice

¼ cup of sparkling rosé

½ cup of sliced strawberries

½ cup of Strawberry Lemonade Cascade Ice Sparkling Water

Combine and shake vodka, lemon juice, muddled strawberries together with ice and strain into a glass of your choice. Top with sparkling rose and Cascade Ice, and garnish with fresh strawberries. So good, you’ll think you’ve been hit by Cupid’s Arrow! 

Which cocktail will you be whipping up for your special someone? Tell us in the comments below, and share a photo! Remember to “like” and “follow” us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Sweet Drinks for that Special Someone

by Cascade Ice on February 8, 2018

Love is in the air! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and to celebrate we’ve mixed up some refreshing, low-calorie cocktails using Cascade Ice. Unlike most Valentine treats, Cascade Ice is calorie-free, gluten-free, sodium-free and caffeine-free so you can add some flavor to your date night without any guilt.


Lotta Love Potion

To mix up the irresistible potion, mix 2oz of Cascade Ice Pomegranate Berry with 1oz of vodka or club soda. Add a garnish of fresh cherries and you’re ready to go!


Pucker-Up Passion Cocktail

Mix up this tantalizing drink by pouring 1.5oz of tequila and 3oz of Cascade Ice Black Raspberry over crushed ice into your mixer. Next, add the juice of a lime wedge and a handful of raspberries. Garnish the cocktail with an orange wedge and you’re ready to serve!


Blushing Sparkler

Mix 1oz of whipped vodka, 4oz of Cascade Ice Pink Grapefruit, the juice of a lemon wedge and a handful of ice in a mixer. Pour the cocktail into a chilled glass and garnish with lemon wedges.


If you try our recipes, feel free to let us know what you thought or post a picture to our Facebook page! Visit CascadeIceWater.com to view our entire flavor lineup and to find availability by state. Cascade Ice has opportunities to win free samples on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – so make sure to follow us on social media!

Mix Low-Calorie Drinks for the Big Game!

by Cascade Ice on January 29, 2015

The big game is this weekend so add a little flair and pizazz to your party’s beverage options by including Cascade Ice! We’ve got two big game inspired skinny cocktail recipes we know you and your guests are going to love!



Electric Lemonade!

Inspired by the Seattle Seahawks, this cocktail is sure to delight and surprise partygoers. Pour 1 1/2oz of your favorite vodka and 1 1/2oz of blue curaçao over a handful of ice. Last but not least add 4oz of Cascade Ice Lemonade  then sit back, relax and enjoy!


Patriot Punch

Inspired by the New England Patriots, this berry packed cocktail is a great drink to add some sweetness to the party. Pour 2oz of your favorite gin over ice, 3oz of Cascade Ice Raspberry Lemonade and a handful of raspberries and blueberries. No matter what team you are rooting for this weekend, we can all enjoy some zero-calorie refreshment with Cascade Ice!