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How to Avoid that Bliss Bulge

by Cascade Ice on April 14, 2011

How to Avoid that Bliss BulgeAccording to a recent article by Best Health, studies are showing that when people are in relationships, they tend to gain weight. Researchers found that married men and women were twice as likely to become obese as their single counterparts. The study also showed that even living with someone can increase the risk of weight gain. But why exactly? And what can you do to combat the bulge?

There isn’t specific evidence as to why couples gained weight, but experts speculate that sharing a home can prompt a dramatic shift in eating practices. For example, if your partner tends to be more relaxed around eating, you will inevitably pick that habit up as well. Also, when you have a partner who wants unhealthy snacks and is used to having them, then those snacks are going to be in the house, making them more readily available. Even exercise can go by the wayside, when you begin to prefer going to the movie with your honey, rather than spin class.

To avoid these common traps, prioritize and make small changes together. Couples who establish goals and believe that their heath is important are more likely to stay trim long-term.

Learn to communicate, but make sure the conversation is non-threatening and inclusive. Exchange suggestions about foods you could stand to lose from the fridge, or exercise you could start incorporating into your day. Strategizing and planning can help too – the first step is as simple as walking together to a favorite restaurant, instead of taking the car. Bad behavior may be contagious, but good habits can be, as well.

What do you do to stay healthy and happy in your relationship?