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Holiday Foods with the Highest Calories

by Cascade Ice on December 21, 2011

Right now is considered one of the most wonderful times of the year. There is a consistent stream of parties and gatherings, which means that there will also be lots of drinks and food. You don’t have to give up your favorite holiday comfort foods, but knowing which ones are high in calories can help you assess what portions to get.

  • One cup sweet potatoes with marshmallows: 587 calories
  • One cup stuffing: 202 calories
  • One cup green bean casserole: 225 calories
  • One piece of pecan pie: 503 calories
  • One cup mashed potatoes with gravy: 342 calories
  • One cup of eggnog: 354 calories

Being mindful of how much you are consuming can really help you avoid packing on the holiday pounds. Grabbing sampling portions will help you enjoy everything you want to eat while cutting down on calories. If you are really trying to be health conscious this holiday season, swap out green bean casserole for steamed green beans and ditch the eggnog for a Cascade Ice Mo-ho-ho-jito.

* Number of calories are estimations and will vary upon portion sizes.