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Hidden Sodium: Who Are the Biggest Offenders?

by Cascade Ice on February 15, 2011

Dr. Katz recently outed some common products in a recent MSN Health article that contain “hidden” levels of sodium – many of which we assume are healthy.

Especially in processed food and drink choices, sodium has become ubiquitous. Dr. Katz makes a startling revelation that more than 80 percent of the salt in the typical American diet was added to your food by someone other than you!

Examples of foods and drinks that usually have higher amounts of sodium are sodas, breakfast cereals, cookies, salad dressings and canned soups. A good rule of thumb to avoid overdoing it on your daily recommended sodium limit is to make sure your average food over the course of the day has no more  mg of sodium than it has calories per serving.  Try instead to incorporate foods from nature, such as lean meats, vegetables and fruit!

If you’re looking for one less thing to worry about in terms of added sodium, reach for a Cascade Ice 2-calorie water – they don’t contain sodium at all, so you can enjoy it guilt-free.