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The Healthiest Halloween Candy

by Cascade Ice on October 24, 2011

Halloween is fast approaching, meaning that candy is everywhere. It’s hard to not want to join in all the fun, so we grabbed the healthiest Halloween candy options from Real Simple so you can have a sweet treat!

Reese’s vs. Snickers: In the fun size version, Snickers contains less fat and saturated fat.

Peanut M&Ms vs. Skittles: Skittles may have less calories, but Peanut M&Ms rate lower on the glycemic index. This means that the sugar will be released more slowly into your body and leave you satisfied for a longer period of time.

Milky Way vs. Pay Day: Go for the Milky Way! Milky Way has 50 percent of the fat and sodium of Pay Day.

Carmel Apples vs. Candy Apples: This is a trick! These treats are both pretty good for you in comparison to other candies. They both have fiber because of the apple, although Candy Apples are typically slightly lower in calories (about 70 calories less) than Carmel Apples.

Be sure to have some Cascade Ice to substitute soda and other sugary drinks this Halloween. Orange Mango and the Apple Tini Mixer can make for some ghoulishly fun party drinks!

For the full list of candy comparisons click here.