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It’s National Gluten-Free Day – Should You Cut Gluten?

by Cascade Ice on January 15, 2021

In the past decade, gluten-free products have proliferated at your local grocery store. Even many restaurants offer gluten-free menu options. But how do you know if you should cut out gluten from your diet?

Those who are diagnosed with Celiac Disease cannot process gluten in their bodies. It triggers an immune response that inflames the intestines and can block certain nutrients from being absorbed into your body. Still others are simply “gluten sensitive” and can have similar symptoms to Celiac Disease without the damage to your organs.

To find out about gluten sensitivities, you can either do an elimination diet where you cut out gluten for 30 days, and then slowly introduce it back into your diet and note your symptoms. Or you can request a simple blood screening from your doctor. 

While many Americans have ditched gluten because they think it will make them feel better, unless you have a confirmed sensitivity or Celiac Disease, there isn’t a need to eliminate it from your diet, experts say.

But for those who do, avoiding gluten means ditching most types of breads, pasta, and beer. Gluten is even in many of your standard packaged products like sauces, supplements, and some foods labeled with “natural ingredients.” All of our Cascade Ice product lines are gluten-free, so if you are gluten-sensitive, check out the many flavor combinations and offerings we have! 

Lastly, if you’re adhering to a gluten-free diet, make sure you get plenty of fiber, as most Americans are deficient in it already, and eliminating gluten can make it worse. Add fruits, leafy greens, beans, and even high fiber gluten-free crackers to your diet to avoid inflammation and get plenty of fiber. 

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St. Patrick’s Day Drink Recipes

by Cascade Ice on March 7, 2012

After the fanciful love of Cupid has floated away and before the flurry fun of Easter hops in, sit back and enjoy the jolly green month of March with Cascade Ice. Forget splurging on green lagers and milkshakes and celebrate with a Cascade Ice-inspired drink that is sure to keep that waistline trim!

Make sure your little leprechauns celebrate in style with Luck of the Irish Lemonade! The night before St. Patrick’s Day, fill an ice cube tray with water. Add a drop of blue food coloring to each cube and freeze overnight. The next morning, take a plastic tumbler and add in your blue ice cubes. Grab a bottle of Zero-Calorie Lemonade Cascade Ice and pour over the ice cubes. Gently stir your drink and watch it turn green! A green beverage? The little ones will LOVE it!

Once your leprechauns have gone to bed, raise a glass and cheers St. Patrick’s Day with a Shamrockin’ Martini! Fill a 16 oz mixer cup halfway with ice and add 1 1/2 oz of your favorite vodka. Drop in six small green apple wedges. Add 4 oz of Zero-Calorie Apple Tini Cascade Ice mixer and stir. Pour into a martini glass and enjoy! Want to add a little sparkle to your drink? Before pouring your drink in, dip the rim of your glass in cold water and sprinkle on green and white sugar sprinkles.


Gluten-Free Diet Awareness Month

by Cascade Ice on November 14, 2011

November has been named Gluten-Free Diet Awareness Month by the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness. Although there is quite a list of celebrities who practice a gluten-free diet (Zooey Deschanel, Ryan Phillippe and Emmy Rossum just to name a few), there are still some who don’t exactly know what going gluten-free is all about.

Gluten refers to the proteins that are found in wheat, grains, barley and rye. When a person who is gluten intolerant consumes gluten products, their small intestine becomes inflamed leading to a myriad of health problems.

Celiac disease, or gluten intolerance, affects 1 in every 133 Americans. However, it can take a long time for a doctor to diagnose celiac disease because its symptoms are so broad and often times are similar to irritable bowel syndrome.

Maintaining a gluten-free diet for those with celiac disease is essential. If a person with celiac disease continues to consume gluten the chance of gastrointestinal cancer increases by a factor of 40 to 100 times that of the normal population.

Finding somewhere to eat can be difficult if you suffer from gluten intolerance, but the NFCA has provided a list of restaurants who have participated in their GREAT Kitchen program that can safely prepare gluten-free meal options. Of course you can always grab a Cascade Ice, because all our flavors are gluten-free!


Is Gluten-Free Right for You?

by Cascade Ice on June 4, 2011

“Gluten-free” is a really popular phrase lately. Celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Gwyneth Paltrow claim to have cut gluten from their diets. So what’s the deal with gluten-free?

According to a recent article on CNN Health, nearly everyone falls somewhere on a spectrum of gluten intolerance. On one end of the spectrum is celiac disease, which is complete intolerance to gluten. The other end are those who have very small gluten sensitivities, but most people fall somewhere in between.

Has anyone cut gluten from their diet? Please share below!