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Do health drinks really live up to their labels?

by Cascade Ice on May 24, 2011

According to a recent article from CNN, some health drinks aren’t really all they are hyped up to be. In 2009, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) claimed that 17 companies were using misleading nutritional information and very specific health claims. According to the FDA, many of these companies use buzzwords in attempt to make their product sound healthier than it actually is.

The grocery shelves are stocked with products that claim to be healthy, so it can be difficult for the average shopper to know what to look for. This doesn’t mean that all drinks with claims of health benefits are bad for you, just make sure to be cautious when reading the labels.

Cascade Ice flavored waters are a healthier alternative to soft drinks. We use sucralose, a sugar alternative, that has endured hundreds of tests and deemed safe as a sugar alternative. Our nutrition labels are also easy to read. Each bottle has only 2 calories per serving (with a little over 2 servings per bottle), and no sugar content, caffeine, sodium, gluten or carbs.

So feel good knowing you are abandoning your soft drink — most of which are filled with sugar and empty calories, and enjoy a Cascade Ice!